bigmint baby scan portfolio

bigmint recommend the following sizes, styles and colours,
but if you have alternative requirements, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

for baby scan commissions, we recommend a neutral set of tones - ranging from titanium buff (beige) to burnt umber (dark brown).

these not only work best for the subject matter, but are more likley to compliment existing decor - especially important if the commission is a gift.

hover over this link to see an example.

stippled style
ultrasound images are by nature very grainy, so we apply the paint much more liberally than on our other pieces.

compare this stippled example against this geometric example (both based upon the same initial scan).

if you would prefer the geometric style (for an extra 50), please let us know.

paintings are composed onto 24"(60cm) square boxed canvases.

"Thank you for all the care you have shown
with this piece, and I will certainly
recommend you to any parents i know."

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