bigmint thumbprint paintings

Could this be any more 'you'? Your unique thumb or fingerprint used as a template,
then hand-painted onto canvas, to produce a stylish and abstract piece of bespoke modern art.

finding your groove(s)
using your supplied thumbprint (yes - you might need to get messy!) we scan in the prints, and manipulate the image to produce the perfect contrast.



hand painted
this design is then used as the blueprint - handpainted with acrylics on canvas.

golden touch
this is the only commission type that we recommend using gold paint, due to it being a more abstract result than a portrait. Your choice, of course!

this bespoke piece is yours for 250, and takes upto 4 working days.

typical specifications:
canvas size: 60cm x 60cm (24x24inch)
colour scheme: white, buff, gold(!)
price: 250