bigmint wedding paintings - colours

Our paintings always work aesthetically, since we insist on a using linear range of colours.
Using just lighter/darker shades of a chosen base colour always produces a pleasing result.

but which base colour?
That's up to you! Neutral tones are more classic, reds are more romantic,
but a signature colour from your big day (blue dress, red car) could work well.

titanium buff
- yellow ochre

- cadmium red

consider your surroundings
Romantic rouges for the bedroom could be too intense in a neutral living room. Consider the room in which the finished painting will hang.

more information?
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"vicki wed paul", 2007
canvas size: 60cm x 60cm (24x24inch)
colour scheme: buff - yellow ochre - jamaican ginger
(coarse compositon example) - price: 225